THERMACUT - The Cutting Company

Properties of ex-trafire®


  • Coordinated design of power supply and torch ensures optimum cutting results in relationship to speed and quality.
  • Support of optimal power for all cutting tasks. Optimized for industrial plasma cutting and applications.


  • Highest Duty Cycle in class.
  • Best power to weight ratio.
  • Simple manual setup.
  • Quick and easy fit up with the patented Thermacut Torch Connection System (TCS).
  • Industry‘s Lightest, most Flexible torch lead.
  • Gouging capability, increased versatility and flexibility; capable of more than just cutting.
  • Cost of ownership, has been reduced to the lowest cost per meter in the industry.
  • Industry leading: Investment cost vs Performance return.


  • Manual setup: Operator selects own cutting parameters.
  • Amperage mode: Utilizing the rotary control, the operator selects the optimal cutting current for his application.

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