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EX-TRAFIRE® Plasma cutting systems


The EX-TRAFIRE® portfolio of single-phase plasma cuttingpowersuppliesfrom Thermacut includesthe EX-TRAFIRE® 30H, EX-TRAFIRE® 30SC, and EX-TRAFIRE® 40SD. The30Hsystemisforhandheldapplications, whilethe 30SC and 40SD systems are designedfor use withmanualormachinetorches in lengthsof 4, 5, 7.5 and 15 meters.

Thermacut iscurrentlyworking on a service network structureforour plasma supplies. We are preparing a training program forserviceorganizationsthatwillincludedetailedinstructions on how to diagnose and fix problems, as well as follow-up steps to ensurethattheproblemisresolved. Trainingwilltake place atourcompanyheadquarters in UherskeHradiste, Czech Republic, and participantswilltake a finalexam to verifytheirknowledgeofthe EX-TRAFIRE® systems. Uponsuccessfulcompletionofthetraining, participatingservicetechnicianswillreceive a TMT certificateentitlingthem to servicethe EX-TRAFIRE® plasma powersuppliesforthedurationofthecertificate.

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